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10 amazing Beautiful Fonts for your project

10 amazing Beautiful Fonts for your project


Finding attractive, user-friendly fonts for your projects is never easy but Google Fonts, who launched in 2010, solves the problem. The Google Font directory now has more than 500 free, optimised fonts which can be added quickly to your website with an embed code.

It's amazing isn't it but with other Premium Competitor Fonts out there, finding the perfect font can be daunting and time consuming. With that said, we have listed 5 Google Fonts which gets the job done!

Amazing Google fonts for your website

(not in a particular order)

1) Lora


2) Roboto (Family) 


3) Raleway 


4) Poppins


5) Montserrat


6) Playfair Display


7) Joan


8) Lato


9) Ubuntu (and Ubuntu Condensed)


10) Quicksand



There are indeed a lot more font out there, so head over to Google Font for more!

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